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Fee schedule

This Fee Schedule forms part of our Terms and Conditions, which can be found by clicking the learn more button below. You must read the Terms and Conditions along with this Fee Schedule.

In making a booking with Sprout & Me, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions and Fee Schedule.

Please see below for a current list of fees and charges. If you have any queries, please contact Kato via the contacts us button below.

Fees and charges

Our fees and charges are liable to change, please review for current pricing. Please note that our fee schedule may be reviewed and updated at any time without notice, please review this page for details.

How do I pay for my session?

An invoice will be emailed to you for payment. Payment via bank transfer prior to session is required, EFTPOS and cash are currently not available; please use invoice number as reference. Bank details are:

Kate I Matthews         
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 062-692            
Acct: 77999269

Please note that at this stage we are exploring how to process payment at time of booking via our systems. Thank you for your understanding. This may change so please check in to review any update in our processes.

What are the fees for a kanga class?

KangaMix outdoor pop-ups are $15 per class. No additional passes available.

Kangatraining studio and online classes

  • Trial class = $15 for first class (Members of Kununurra Neighbourhood House FREE)

  • Casual Pass = $25 per single class thereafter

  • Half Term Pass* = $90 (1x class per week up to 4 classes = $22.50 per session)

  • Term Pass* = $160 (1x class per week up to 8 classes = $20 per session)

  • Maxi Term Pass* = $280 (2x classes per week up to 16 classes = $17.50 per session)

Term pass extensions for additional classes within specified term are available as follows:

  • Half Term Pass* extension = $20 per additional class beyond initial 4 sessions

  • Term Pass* extension = $17.50 per additional class beyond initial 8 sessions

  • Maxi Term Pass* extension = $15.00 per additional class beyond initial 16 sessions

* Term Pass fees must be paid in full before first class and are valid for the specified Kanga term only. Excludes any “pop-up” classes that may be arranged with short notice. 

What are the fees for a physio session?

Physiotherapy fees for clinical services are:

  • Clinic / telehealth initial physiotherapy consult (60 minutes) $225

  • Clinic / telehealth long follow up physiotherapy consult (60 minutes) $225

  • Clinic standard follow up physiotherapy consult (30 minutes) $125

  • Home visit initial physiotherapy consult (60 minutes) $255

  • Home visit long follow up physiotherapy consult (60 minutes) $255

  • Private, NDIS, DVA, WC services all provided at same rate

  • Additional fees may be applicable for request of additional documentation and reporting

  • Travel fees may be applicable for appointments outside of the Kununurra area

Private health insurance

You can claim a rebate on your private health fund, for all physiotherapy services. You will receive an invoice for payment for your appointment, which you can then claim via your health fund’s app or website.  Please note that at this stage we are exploring how to process private health rebates via our systems. Thank you for your understanding.

Some health funds will allow claiming of exercise classes. Check what the situation is for your fund. You can find more information by reviewing your health fund's schedule.

Please let us know if you require further assistance.

What is the fee for a workshop or other collaboration?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to determine your needs so we can quote accordingly. Our base rate per hour is $220, plus any other fees we consider necessary to deliver your service to the quality we expect of an offering from Sprout & Me. This may include consumables, administration, preparation time, travel and other fees.

Travel charges

Mobile services available upon request within 20km radius of Kununurra. Appointments outside of the Kununurra area may incur a travel fee. Telehealth appointments are also available.    

Do I need a referral to see a physio?

No. As a private patient you do not need a referral. You do however need a current doctors referral if you are claiming under WorkCover, MAC (Motor Accident Compensation), Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) or the Medicare chronic disease management plan schemes (EPC).

What should I bring to my appointment?

It is helpful if you have any information you have about your situation. This may include doctors referral, recent X-rays and/or imaging reports.

If you are claiming under a third party insurance or WorkCover scheme please bring along the relevant documentation for this also.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these. They are not necessary for us to start your treatment.

What do I need to prepare before you come to my house? 

Nothing. If you have booked a physiotherapy appointment for an adult, we may need enough space to set up the treatment table. We can use any space you are comfortable with.  

I am a mother, a wife, I work, and I play. My house is messy. I expect that you don’t live in a display home and would prefer you don’t worry about tidying up or cleaning before I come.  

There are no shoulds and no sorries expected with Sprout & Me.

What usually happens at an appointment? 

At your first appointment, you can expect a full history to be taken. There will be time to tell your story, and then I will ask a lot of follow up questions. You will receive a questionnaire before your appointment for some background to guide your first appointment.


Please specify in the notes section when booking what type of physiotherapy appointment you are seeking so I can send you the correct forms.  

After taking the history, we will likely do some assessment, followed by making a plan based on the information we have gathered and your goals.  

Expect to need to book a follow up appointment within a week or two to make sure your treatment plan is on the right track, and to make any changes needed.  

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